Handmade Quilts: Perfect Gifts for Graduates

Handmade Quilts: Perfect Gifts for Graduates

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Graduation season is coming soon. If you have any graduates in your life, have you figured out what to give them yet? Have you thought about making them a quilt? Whether it's for a high school graduate moving on to their next step in life or a college grad venturing into the world, a quilt is a thoughtful gift that will be treasured for years.

Reasons Why a Graduate Will Love a Quilt 

Sentimental Value: As a quilt maker, you understand that handmade quilts carry a personal touch that commercial gifts lack. They represent time, effort, and love invested by the creator, making them cherished keepsakes. 

Symbol of Comfort and Home: A quilt symbolizes warmth, comfort, and the feeling of home. For graduates moving away from their childhood homes for the first time, your handmade quilt can provide a sense of security and familiarity in their new environment. 

Unique and One-of-a-Kind: Unlike mass-produced gifts, a handmade quilt is custom and unique. Your graduate will appreciate the individuality and exclusivity of such a gift, knowing that it was crafted specifically for them. 

Practicality: Quilts obviously serve a practical purpose, providing warmth and comfort during cold nights or study sessions. Graduates heading off to college or starting their careers will find your handmade quilt useful, since that’s one less thing they have to buy for themselves. 

Longevity: Handmade quilts are durable and can last for generations. Graduates will appreciate a gift that will accompany them on their life journey for years to come, reminding them of their achievements and the people who supported them. 

Connection to Heritage: When you decide to make a custom quilt, you can opt to include fabrics that are connected to meaningful people, places, or points in time. You might include scraps of your graduate’s baby clothes, toddler t-shirts, or preteen jeans in the quilt. You can also incorporate fabrics from shirts, aprons, or other garments worn by loved ones. By giving a quilt that incorporates fond memories to a graduate, you are reminding them of the supportive network that stands behind them. 

Memorable Keepsake: Graduation is a significant milestone, marking the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. Your handmade quilt serves as a tangible reminder of this important moment, preserving memories and emotions for years to come. 

Perfect Quilt Patterns for Graduation Gifts


Now that we've covered why handmade quilts make such great gifts for graduates, let's take a look at five fabulous quilt patterns that are perfect for any graduate, whether they prefer feminine or masculine styles. These patterns, available at Soul Stitchery, our online fabric and quilt pattern store, cater to modern tastes and include Throw and Twin sizes, ideal for teens and young adults: 

Misfits Quilt Pattern from Sweet Tea Pattern Co.: Designed by Jennifer McClanahan, this fun quilt is perfect for showcasing special prints with large rectangles. The pattern includes instructions for various sizes, including Throw and Twin, making it adaptable for any graduate's needs.

Seeing Double Quilt Pattern from Then Came June: Designed by Meghan Buchanan, this modern take on the classic gingham/buffalo check pattern is a fast finish, ideal for busy graduates. With instructions for Baby, Throw, and Twin sizes, it's a versatile pattern suitable for confident beginners.  

Rocky Coast from Toad & Sew: Designed by Taylor Krz, this pattern is rated as confident-beginner and offers a fun and versatile design. With instructions for Baby, Small Throw, Large Throw, Twin, and Queen sizes, graduates can choose the size that best fits their space.  

Paving Stones from Sweet Tea Pattern Co.: Another gem from Jennifer McClanahan, this pattern is a great stash buster and works well with precuts. With instructions for various sizes, including Throw and Twin, it's a versatile pattern perfect for graduates looking to add a pop of color to their space.  

Radiate Quilt Pattern from Then Came June: Designed by Meghan Buchanan, this block-based pattern radiates goodness and warmth. With instructions for advanced beginners, it's a great pattern for graduates looking to expand their quilting skills. 

I hope this guide has convinced you that a handmade quilt can be the perfect gift for a high school or college graduate in your life. They’ll be honored by the time and care you put into making their special gift.

If you’ve found a pattern and would like some fabric recommendations, contact me! I’m happy to help you get the right mix of colors and prints for your quilt. Soul Stitchery is your home for education, inspiration, and supplies to create modern quilt treasures and heirlooms.

New here? Watch me take projects from start to finish on my YouTube channel. Learn more about me and my journey to become a quilter. I'd love for you to join the Soul Stitchery Crafty Crew on Facebook!

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