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Hola, I'm Marisol! Welcome to our cozy corner of the quilting world, where passion for fabric and creativity flourish. I'm here to inspire and empower you on your quilting journey, whether you're a beginner eager to learn or an experienced quilter looking to expand your skills.

Join our warm and welcoming community of quilters of all ages and skill levels who share a deep love for creating beautiful quilts, bags, and handmade treasures. Let's explore the wonders of fabric and unlock your unique creative voice together.

With our comprehensive yet easy-to-follow tutorials, live workshops, and wealth of online resources, you'll discover the joy and accomplishment that comes with expressing yourself through quilting.


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Discover must-have quilting essentials and feast your eyes on our selection of featured products, carefully curated to enhance your quilting experience. From high-quality fabrics to essential quilting tools, find the perfect materials to bring your creative vision to life.

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Dive into the world of quilting and unleash your groove right alongside me.

Soul Stitchery Quilting Education Videos, High Quality Quilting Fabrics, Quilting Notions & Supplies - Boho quilt bag and notions

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Quilting Education Videos

Check out our YouTube channel for a curated collection of videos to charge up your quilting journey.

Dive into the world of quilting with our educational quilting videos pertaining to quilting for beginners as well as established quilters. We'll work with the patterns and notions that we carry and love, tips and tricks. From English Paper Piecing to Longarm quilting and more, we're here to help you master the art of quilting at your own pace.

Whether you're a visual learner or crave step-by-step guidance, our videos will help you master new techniques and create stunning quilts, handbags, and more.


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High Quality Designer Fabrics

Discover a treasure trove of high-quality designer fabrics, including the latest collections from top-notch designers like Tula Pink, Alison Glass, and Guicy Giuce. Create with confidence.

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Elevate your skills and achieve professional results with the best tools of the trade. Browse our wide range of quilting notions, from essential tools to specialty items, designed to enhance your quilting experience.

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Take your quilting to the next level with our array of classes designed to expand your skillset and unlock new creative possibilities. From beginner-friendly courses to advanced workshops, there's something for every quilter.

Soul Stitchery Quilting Education Videos, High Quality Quilting Fabrics, Quilting Notions & Supplies - Batik quilting patterns indonesian

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The Blog at Soul Stitchery

Check out our blog, where we feature expert tips, showcase beautiful quilts, and share exciting news from the quilting community and upcoming collections. Learn, connect, and find endless inspiration.

Soul Stitchery Quilting Education Videos, High Quality Quilting Fabrics, Quilting Notions & Supplies - Alyson Glass folded fabrics

Be the First to Quilt the Extraordinary: Pre-Sale Alison Glass' Chrysanthemum Collection

Inspired by the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. The interplay of light and its absence significantly shapes the experience; describing the sensation of being in this space is challenging.

Scheduled to ship in late November 2023!


Quilt in Style: Introducing the Captivating Technicolor of Tula Pink

Tula Pink

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Tula Pink with our exquisite... 

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