Soul Stitchery-- Inspiring Quilters One Stitch At A Time

Soul Stitchery-- Inspiring Quilters One Stitch At A Time

Hi everyone!! Welcome!

My name is Marisol (or Mari-SOUL) and I'm the Soul behind Soul Stitchery- your home for education, inspiration, and supplies to create modern treasures and heirlooms.

Three years ago I was in a career that I hated, and a life that had fallen so short of all of my expectations. I had forgotten how to be brave and how to dream.  But just like that, I made the decision to leave my home state of Florida, move to the Pacific Northwest, and invest it all into my passion for quilting. 

After selling off almost half of my belongings and climbing in my little SUV for a 5-day, 2-blizzard, trek across the country, I landed in beautiful Walla Walla, WA and Soul Stitchery was born.

A small little studio, a carefully (agonizingly, painstakingly, anxiously…ok, you get it) curated selection of super cool fabrics from super cool designers, some really neat gadgets and gizmos (I’m for sure a gadget girl) that I can’t live without, and BOOM we have a cool place to connect. 

An Online Quilt Shop for Us

Starting Soul Stitchery means that I have been doing lots of learning and reading. One of the most common things I have to think about these days is my “why.” That’s usually an easy question for me.

This venture is for us. It’s for those of us who love bright bold patterns, unexpected color combinations, and still have a love for the traditional quilt block. This is for my “Soul-society,” my quilty peeps…the quilter who wants to learn some new techniques, talk about the process, and enjoy the journey of learning.

If you visit regularly, and I’m hoping you will, you’ll always learn a little something.  Visit my Facebook page and you’ll also have a forum for teaching the group something. I'm also on IG (@soul_stitchery) and TikTok (@maridelgado3224)

When I was learning to quilt about 6 years ago, I was already pretty crafty.  I blame my love of symmetry and order for my determination to learn what to do with all those beautiful fabrics. I would go into the big box craft stores and see all the bolts of fabric lined up like little soldiers. Row upon row of beautiful colors. They spoke to me somehow, and when I learned that there were classes where I could learn to make quilts with all those pretty colors I thought, “Why not?  I need another hobby anyway. (not)”

Just like that, I was obsessed!  I do mean obsessed. Within a year I owned three sewing machines, a long arm, and had a stash that had already outgrown the guest room closet and spilled over into my bedroom walk-in closet.  

I was constantly reading and browsing the internet to learn as much as I could.  There was always a little frustration though. It was so hard to find blogs or videos that were for someone like me. Someone who didn’t have all the lingo down (HST, scant ¼”, UFO, BOM, SAL), someone who was a little intimidated and didn’t always know where to find answers to my questions.

Soul Stitchery is on a Mission

One part of Soul Stitchery’s mission is to provide education that meets you where you are. If you are a true novice, or maybe someone who’s ready to take the leap from novice to– one of my favorite skill level descriptions– “confident beginner,” Soul Stitchery can be the place for you to meet others that are where you are. Maybe you’re ready to learn to sew a curved seam (I’m learning that particular skill as I write this) then come on over and let’s learn to master that bad boy together.

How can you get the education and content you need? 

Well, I think the most common method for quilters to learn a new technique is still getting into their LQS (here’s a learning moment for you…quilters often refer to their local quilt shop as their LQS). But for many of us, getting into a quilt shop for a class is still tricky. Let’s not forget that we’ve all learned to lean into the internet in ways we didn’t before COVID. People are getting more comfortable learning new things via video, and my 90 year-old sourdough-baking dad is just one example!  I know you all can relate to “fan-girling” over someone you spent months learning from on YouTube. I have my favorites too! Tula Pink of course, Libs Elliott too. Then there are the long-arm quilters that I’ve met in person and totally fawned over!! 

We’ll talk about pre-washing vs. not pre-washing, ripping vs. cutting fabric, hand vs. machine sewing binding. Any of these topics, when broached by a novice, can start a heated debate in the quilting community! 

So jump in with me and let’s learn together…

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